Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana
MS Ricc. 2276, Dated "Monday, 10 August 1615"

367 numbered chapters without headings,  33 illustrations
Table of Contents

Scritti di Lionardo Vinci

Possible Florentine provenance

This manuscript may have been one of the sources for the copy (F4) owned by Stefano della Bella (1610-1664).

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The manuscript is dated on the inside cover "Lunedi 10 Agosto 1615". The scribe copied only the geometrical diagrams, omitting entirely the figure drawings, although he left space aside for them. The manuscript is very similar to F4, and may have been one of the sources of F4 (see especially T1007 in which the two manuscripts present an identical wording at the end of the chapter). F5, however, could not be the only source of F4 as F4 includes also the figure drawings, which are instead omitted in F5.
The early history of F5 is unknown.
Physical Description
Fols. 74, 28.8 x 21.5 cm , in quarto, fols. 1-9 "Tavola delle Regole di pittura di Lianardo Vinci Pittore fiorentino celeberrimo" (Table of Contents); fol. 10 "Scritti di Lionardo Vinci"; fols. 10-71v Leonardo's Treatise on painting; fol. 71 a note "ci resta l'altra parte di questo libro, che dicono, che lui lo lascio' in Milano" (there is another part of this book which it is said he left in Milan).
Heawood 2606 documented in Tuscany, especially Pisa, before 1601
Pedretti, Commentary to the Literary Works of Leonardo da Vinci by Jean Paul Richter, 1977, p. 23, n. 4; Kristeller, Iter italicum, vol. I, p. 181.
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