Florence, Accademia di Belle Arti
MS E 2.1.23, Datable to the 17th century

406 numbered chapters without headings,  no illustrations
No Table of Contents

Scritti di Leonardo Vinci

Possible Florentine provenance because of similarities with manuscripts documented in Florence.

This manuscript is a clean copy of manuscript documented in Florence in the early 17th century, such as F4 and F5.

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The manuscript was copied by a single scribe continuously in legible handwriting. The text of FA was copied from either F5 or F4, the manuscript owned by Stefano della Bella (1610-1664), as is demonstrated by the textual comparison of T1001, which lacks the last word in all three manuscripts. The higher number of chapters in FA does not indicate a longer text than in F5 and F4, as this is due to a different partition of same text. The scribe did not copy the illustrations.
The early history of FA is unknown.
Physical Description
fols. 85, ,
Pedretti, Commentary to the Literary Works of Leonardo da Vinci by Jean Paul Richter, 1977, p. 23, n. 4.
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