Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
MS Magl. XVII.4 , Dated 1617

17 un-numbered chapters without headings,  6 illustrations

Florentine provenance, from the library of the Florentine sculptor Giovan Francesco Susini (1585-1653)

This manuscript, dated 1617, is a partial copy based on an early unidentified Florentine manuscript made by the sculptor Giovan Francesco Susini for his own use..

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The early history of FM1 is unknown.
Physical Description
Fol. [III] + fols. 1-9 + [10] + fols. 11-91 + [III], 34.4 x 24.3 cm , in folio
7 chain lines, two watermarks. 1) fol. I: Zonghi 728 documented in 1599; Briquet 209 documented in Verona 1582-1596 2) fol. [II]+1-91+[III]: Zonghi 1718- 1719 documented in Fano in 1577.
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