Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
MS Magl. XVII. 28, Datable to the 17th century

371 numbered chapters with headings,  28 illustrations
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Precetti di pittura et avvertimenti per giovani che con diligentia vogliono atendere a tal professione. Opera di Leonardo da Vinci pictor fiorentino che per sua morte non si e' donata alla stampa

Florentine provenance, from a Jesuit convent

This manuscript is a copy of one of the manuscripts originating in the Library of Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588-1659) in the course of the 17th century. Its most likely source was CE.

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This 17th-century manuscript was copied by a single scribe in a clean and legible hand. Its source was CE as the textual and visual comparison of the two manuscripts demonstrates. Not only are FM3 and CE very close in text and images, but they correspond exactly in some details, including the title of T0063 “Il Pittore deve prima assuefar la mano con ritrarre” which is rarely documented in this form (another instance is documented in RC1). As for the illustrations, FM3 omits the first few images present in CE, but otherwise it follows its source closely. The major difference between FM3 and CE is the title: FM3 is titled “Precetti”, which is one of the early titles of Leonardo’s Treatise on painting; CE is titled “Opinione di Leonardo da Vinci. Modo di dipingere prospettive, ombre, lontananze, altezze, basezze da vicino, da lontano, et altro”, which is one of the titles introduced in the 17th century.
Physical Description
Fols. 1-146 + [I], modern pagination, 26 x 31 cm , in quarto, of small format
Steinitz, Treatise on Painting, 1958, p. 57 (B, 11).
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