Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
MS Conv. Soppr. C.9.2869, Datable to the 17th century

325 un-numbered chapters with headings,  no illustrations
No Table of Contents

Trattato della Pittura di Leonardo da Vinci

Florentine provenance, from the library of the monastery of the Badia fiorentina

This 17th century manuscript is an unillustrated and partial copy of the text of F6, one of the earliest abridged manuscripts of Francesco Melzi's Libro di pittura.

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This manuscript was most likely made in Florence. The textual comparison suggests that its source was F6, or one of the derivative manuscripts from F6, such as FL2. The only significant difference between FN2 and F6 is the Text Unit "De colori de lumi incidenti et reflessi (T0249), which is anomalous in F6 (T1048) while in FN2 it follows the textual tradition documented from VU onward, including in other Florentine copies, such as FM2 and F2.
Physical Description
, 30 x 20 cm , in folio, fols. 1-91 Treatise on Painting; fol. 92: "della evidentia de colori a carta 32, quella cosa che e' piu' chiara piu' apparisce da lontano che la piu' oscura fa per il contrario"; three drapery studies are drawn on separate sheets at the end of the volume.
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