Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
MS Conv. Soppr. F.6.1182 (ex Vallombrosa 1182), Datable to the 17th century

366 numbered chapters with partial headings (chapters 1-53),  no illustrations

Trattato della pittura di Leonardo da Vinci

Florentine provenance, from the library of the Benedictine convent of Vallombrosa

This 17th century manuscript was copied from FM2, the manuscript in the Florentine library of Niccolo Gaddi (1537-1591), or from one of its derivatives.

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This manuscript was copied in clear handwriting by a single scribe, who first copied the main text and later added chapter headings and numbers. He added chapter headings only for chapters 1-53. The source of FN3 was a manuscript with illustrations. The scribe left appropriate blank space to insert the images, but he never added them. FN3 includes additional notes that are not derived from Leonardo's Treatise on Painting (fols. 140v-141v).
Physical Description
[2] + fols. 1-140 modern pagination, 26 x 19 cm , fols. 1-139 Leonardo's Treatise on painting; fols. 140v-141v additional notes with following headings "Bellezze che si richiedono in una figura"; "Descrizione delle 3 Grazie"; "Pittura d'amore".
Steinitz, Treatise on Painting, 1958, p. 59 (B, 16); Uzielli, Ricerche intorno a Leonardo da Vinci, 1901, p. 336-337.
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