Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
MS Pal. 1148, Dated 1688

375 numbered chapters without headings,  42 illustrations
Scritti di Lionardo Vinci G.S.C., No Table of Contents

Scritti di Lionardo Vinci

This manuscript is a 17th century copy of one of the early Florentine manuscripts of Leonardo's Treatise on Painting, such as F2 or FM2, or one of the derivative copies, such as F4.

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The textual and visual comparison of this manuscript, which is dated 1688 on the frontispiece, shows its close proximity to one of the early Florentine copies, either F2 or FM2, or one of their derivitative copies. It was written hastily by a single scribe. The illustrations were copied together with the body of the text, which is formatted to leave adequate space for the illustrations. Although FP3 is a 17th century manuscript, its content reflects the knowledge of Leonardo's text and illustrations before Cassiano dal Pozzo started his editorial work in Roma in the 1630s. It is, however, possible that FP3 was available to the Roman editorial team around Dal Pozzo as the manuscript includes a blank page at the end with a watermark characteristic of Dal Pozzo's library. The textual comparison of FP3 with Dal Pozzo's master copy (M3) shows the close correspondance between the two manuscripts (Barone 2011) and thus further suggests that FP3, or a manuscript with similar characteristics as F4, was available to Dal Pozzo in Rome in the 1630s.
The early history of FP3 is unknown.
Physical Description
Fol. [I] + fols. 1-80 + [I], 20 x 28.5 cm , in octavo, large format, fol. [I] Leonardo da Vinci 1688; fols. 1-80 "Scritti di Lionardo Vinci (Leonardo's Treatise on Painting); fol. 80 "si dice che la seconda parte de questo Libro la lasciassi in Milano"
7 chain lines, watermark type Briquet 61, documented in Naples in 1584. At the end of the manuscript is a blank page with a watermark showing a bird in profile on a three-tiered mound, which is characteristic of the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588-1657) in Rome.
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