Montpellier, Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Montpellier, Faculté de Médecine
, Datable to the 17th century


Notizie di pittura, antichità et epitaffi

Milanese provenance documented by watermark

This 17th-century manuscript contains materials that were sent from Milan to Rome and that Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588-1657) gathered in Rome in preparation to the first printed edition of Leonardo's Treatise on painting.

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The materials present in M2 were prepared by Galeazzo Arconati in Milan to assist the editorial work of Cassiano dal Pozzo in Rome. These include a list of chapters (fols. 2-10) derived from a different version of Leonardo's Treatise on painting which is usually identified as the "testo milanese" (Milanese text) and which Cassiano used to revise his master copy of Leonardo's Treatise on painting (M3). Additonal materials were copied were copied from Leonardo's original manuscripts. They pertain to perspective (from Leonardo's MS A), light and shade (from Leonardo's MS C), hydraulics and machines (from Leonardo's Codex atlanticus). Three notes copied from Leonardo's MS A are today lost in Leonardo’s originals and thus survive only thanks to this copy.
Physical Description
[3] + fols. 212, 30 x 20 cm , fols. 1-28 Materials pertaining to Leonardo; fol. 1 "Notizie di pittura, antichita' et epitaffi"; fol. 2 "Capitoli o Indice de Capitoli del libro originale di Leonardo da Vinci MS che si trova in Milano nella libreria Ambrosiana o Borromea che si dica delle Regole della pittura, che fu donato a quella libreria dal conte Arconato. Mandato questo indice dal Canonico Girolamo Alfieri"; fols. 2-10 List of 203 chapter headings of the Treatise on painting; fols. 11-14 blank; fols. 15-17r "Parte delle cose cavate del Libro di Leonardo"; fols. 17 "Il rimanente delle cose cavate dal Libro di Leonardo" (list of chapters on light and shade from Leonardo's MS C); fol. 18 blank; fol. 19 two chapters on the reflection of an eye in a mirror undocumented in in Leonardo's original manuscripts and in VU; fol. 19v blank; fols. 20-26 Added chapters on motion and voice; fols. 21-24 Added chapters from Leonardo's MS A; fol. 25v drawing of a scaling battlement from Leonardo's CA, fols. 15r-b and 391va; fol. 26 list of authors used by Matteo Zaccolini; fol. 27 "Note delle opere attinenti a prospettiva e pittura del laico teathino prete Matteo Zaccolini da Cesena".
Three-petalled flower with letters at bottom
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