Rome, Biblioteca dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana
MS Corsini 402, Datable to the end of the 17th century

380 un-numbered chapters without headings,  46 illustrations
Table of Contents

Regole, et osservationi di Dissegno e Pittura Di Lionardo Vinci eccellentissimo pittor fiorentino di Don Damaso Salterelli monaco cisterciense

Florentine provenance documented by owner

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This manuscript was probably compiled in Florence in the early 17th century and it belonged to Don Damaso Saltarelli, a cistercensian monk who was active as a painter in Florence between 1600 and 1625 (Sparti 2003, p. 186). The watermakr of its external folios matches with a watermark documented in the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo thus suggesting that this Florentine manuscript was used for the editorial work on Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting around 1640. The textual and visual comparison show the close proximity of R1 to F4, the manuscript owned by Stefano della Bella. The physical, textual and visual evidence of R1 suggests that the traffic of manuscript copies of Leonardo's Treatise on Painting between Florence and Rome was intense in the early 1630s.
R1 belonged to the cistercensian monk Don Damaso Salterelli, who was active as a painter in Florence between 1600 and 1625.
Physical Description
[2] + fols. 1-96 + [2], 26 x 20 cm , Fols. 69-78 Table of Contents; fols. 81-91 "Gl' Hippocentauri o vero la Novita mostruosa della Pittura, Scoltura et Architettura moderna " (Fragmentary excerpts from classical and modern texts, including Giorgio Vasari's, Vita di Michelangelo); fols. 90-94 "Proporzione del Corpo Humano"
for added pages: bird in profile on a three-tiered mont inscribed in a circle, similar to the watermark used in Cassiano dal Pozzo's library
Steinitz, Treatise on Painting, p. 52 (B, 5); Barone, “Cassiano dal Pozzo's manuscript copy of the Trattato: new evidence of editorial procedures and responses to Leonardo in the seventeenth century” Raccolta Vinciana, 35 (2011), pp. 223-286; Sconza, La réception du Libro di pittura de Léonard de Vinci: de la mort de l’auteur à la publication du Trattato della pittura (Paris 1651). Ph.D. Diss. Université de la Sorbonne nouvelle Paris III and Università degli Studi di Macerata, 2007.
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