Saint-Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum, Prints and Drawings Collection
MS OR-11706 (ex. 84.17), Datable to before 1640

376 numbered chapters with headings, 54 illustrations
Table of Contents

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Roman provenance, from the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo

This 17-century Roman manuscript originated in the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo and it is very similar to P1.

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This manuscript was made in the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo in 1640. It is a copy of M3, the master manuscript used by Cassiano for the planned publication.
The early history of S1 is well documented. In August 1640 Cassano dal Pozzo gave S1 to the brothers Roland Freart de Chambray and Paul Freart de Chantelou who brought it from Rome to Paris. The two brothers traveled from Rome to Paris between 28 October and 17 December 1640 together with the painter Nicolas Poussin, who was possibly sent to follow the engraving of the illustrations and the book publication.
Physical Description
Fols. 112, 29.5 x 21 cm , in quarto, f.1 note by Chantelou; fols. 97-102 r "Memorie di Mazzenta"; fols. 103-112 Table of Contents
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