Chicago, Collection of T. Kimball Brooker
, Datable around 1640

374 numbered chapters with headings,  95 illustrations
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Roman provenance documented by watermark, from the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo

It is one of the manuscripts produced in Cassiano dal Pozzo’s library around 1640. Its sources were P1 and M3 for the text of the Treatise on painting, M4 for the added chapters. It was the source for L2.

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This 17th-century manuscript was copied from P1 and M3. It contains a double set of illustrations: 42 illustrations are based on drawings from P1; 53 figures are instead based on Nicolas Poussin's drawings and derived from M3 (or from the source of M3). The drawings of this second set are gathered at the end of the volume (fols. 134-162) rather than being inserted near their corresponding chapter. Multiple drawings appear on the same page and many include details that do not appear in the corresponding drawings in M3. This fact suggests that the drawings of M3 and G1 come from a common, unidentified source, rather than being derived from one another. The textual and visual comparison of G1 with M3 and P1 demonstrates that G1 was based on M3 but that was made independently to S1, a manuscript to which it has often been connected because of the similarity of text and images. G1 includes also the added chapters and the "Memorie" by Mazenta.
From the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo in Rome, it moved to Paris and entered the library of Chancellor Mathieu Molé (1584-1656), whose coat-of-arms is on the binding. In the 18th century it was bought by engraver, printseller and art collector Jacques Gabriel Huquier (1695-1772), then by Antoine-Auguste Renouard. In 1854, at Renouard's death, it was acquired by Count Thibaudeau and sold again in 1857, possibly to Ambroise Firmin-Didot, whose book plate is inside, and who sold it in 1882 to Martine, Comtesse de Behague. It arrived by descent to the Marquis de Ganay, who sold it to Dodi Rosenkrans in 1989. It was acquired by its current owner in 2012.
Physical Description
Fols. 1-62 + [I], modern pagination, 18 x 12.5 cm (with matted leaf: 24 x 17 cm) , in quarto, of small format; fols. 1-101 Treatise on painting; 101v blank; fols. 102-115v Added chapters (chapters excerpted from Leonardo's MS A); fols 115r-v editorial note; 116r-125r illustrations of the added chapters; 125v blank; 126-132 "Memorie" by Mazenta; 132v-133 Checklist of the added chapters; 133v blank; 134-162 illustrations; 162v blank
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