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MS Belt 35, Datable to the late 16th century/early 17 century

378 un-numbered chapters without chapter headings,  50 illustrations
Table of Contents

Discorsi di Lionardo da Vinci sopra la pittura

This manuscript is a copy of FM2, one of the earliest Florentine copies which was kept in the library of Niccolo Gaddi (1537-1591).

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This manuscript was written by a clear and legible scribal hand. The illustrations were copied together with the body of the text, which is formatted to leave adequate space for the illustrations, using the same ink. The textual and visual comparison between L1 and FM2 shows the close proximity of these two manuscripts. It was once suggested that the frontispiece of L2 was the drawing by the Florentine academic painter Gregorio Pagani (1558-1605), now at the Uffizi, representing an allegory of painting, but this connection remains hypothetical (Pedretti 1977).
The early history of L1 is unknown. At some point if belonged to Prince H. Bardzky, whose name appears on the endpaper of the volume.
Physical Description
Fols. 1-106 + [I], 29.5 x 21 cm , in folio, fol. 3-96v Leonardo's Treatise on Painting; fol. 97r "Errori" (Corrections); fols. 98r-105v "Parte seconda" (Table of Contents).
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