Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
MS It. 967, Datable to the 17th century

362 numbered chapters with headings,  39 illustrations
No Table of Contents

Libro di Leonardo da Vinci: Della pittura

Roman provenance, from the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588-1657)

This manuscript is a 17th-century copy documenting the early stages of Cassiano dal Pozzo's editorial work.

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This 17th-century manuscript has occasionally been identified with the manuscript owned by the French polymath Thevenot, which was used by the first editor Trichet for the 1651 edition (Fiorani 1992). The textual and visual comparison show that it originated in the library of Cassiano dal Pozzo, documenting a stage of Cassiano’s editorial work precedent to the compilation of his master copy M3. The text and illustrations of P1 are very similar to F2, one of the earliest Florentine copies, although the text presents some variations in the distribution of chapters, such as in T1047 (Del ritrarre dal naturale).
P1 has a holograph inside “J. Tricaud” and a printed label documenting its provenance from a religious order library "Predicatorum St. Jacobi". It is likely that it belonged to the Tricaud family, a member of which, Anthelme Tricaud, dispersed his library among friends, numerous religious orders, and the archbishop of Lyon.(d Tricaud).
Physical Description
Fols. 1-100 + [XIII], ancient pagination fols. 87r-90v: missing fascicule, 21.5 x 15.4 cm [text frame 19 x 11 cm, 22 to 25 lines] , in quarto
Briquet 12250 (traced to Rome in 1572), Heawood 161 (traced to Rome in 1646), and Zonghi 1844 (traced to Fabriano in 1590).
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