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A Treatise on Painting, by Leonardo da Vinci
Senex and Taylor, London


LDE T0265   CID162  Children have their Jonctures contrary to those of Men, with regard to bulk and Grossness

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Little Children have their Jonctures extremely small and slender, and the Intervals between them grosser and more bulky; this happens because the Jonctures have nothing but a bare Skin to cover them, and a few cartilagenous Membranes to bind the Bones together; all the soft and juicy Flesh being lodged underneath the Skin, between the several Jonctures: While the Man is in his Growth, the Flesh discharges it self of a great deal of these Superfluities, so that his Members, in Proportion, become more slender: But the Jonctures, which consist of nothing but Bones and Cartilages, not keeping pace with them in this Decrease; the effect is, that the Child who had his Jonctures small and skinny, and the Parts between them fat and plump, as is seen in the Fingers, Arms, and Shoulders; when come to Manhood, has his Jonctures strong and bulky; the same Parts being bold and prominent in the Man, which were thin and hollow in the Child.