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A Treatise on Painting, by Leonardo da Vinci
Senex and Taylor, London


LDE T0281   CID177  The Motions of the Neck to be observed

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In the Jonctures of the Members, and their several Motions, take notice how the Muscles swelling on one side, sink and disappear on the other: this is particularly observable in the Necks of Animals, the Motions in that part being three-fold; two of which are simple, and the third Compound, partaking of each of the simple Ones; these, are one of them shown when the Animal inclines its Neck towards one Shoulder, and in bowing or raising its Head; the other appears when the Neck is turned either towards the right side or the left, without bending, the Face looking over one of the Shoulders, and at the same time standing upright: The Third, which we call the Compound Motion, happens when the bend of the Neck is distorted, the Ear being lowered towards one Shoulder, and the Face turned to the same Place; or towards the other Shoulder, the Face looking up to Heaven.