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A Treatise on Painting, by Leonardo da Vinci
Senex and Taylor, London


LDE T0514   CID343  How to apply Colours upon Linnen

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To Paint upon Linnen, take the following Method: in the first place, stretch the Piece of Linnen intended for your Painting, on a Frame, and wash it slightly over with Size, which being thoroughly dried, lay on your Colours with little Brushes, made of Hog's Bristles; and at the same time, while it is fresh, trace out your Shadows: The Carnations must be formed of Spanish White, Lake and Masticot; and the Shadows, of Black and Umber, with a little mixture of Lake. After you have gone slightly over the several parts of your Painting, let it dry; which done, touch it over again with Lake, that has been steep'd a long time in Gum Water; this being the fitter for the purpose, because it does not bear any Lustre when used. To make your Shadows the deeper, take some of this Gumm'd Lake, and mix it with Ink: now this will be a Tincture of very good use, since being transparent, it will serve to shadow several very different Colours, as Lake, Azure, Vermillion, &c.