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A Treatise on Painting, by Leonardo da Vinci
Senex and Taylor, London


LDE T0175   CID84  Of the Position of Figures

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As much as the left side of the Nudity, D A, is shorten'd on account of the Position of the Figure, so much the opposite Side B C, is length en'd; that is, in proportion as that part of the Figure between the left Shoulder D, and the Waste A, is diminished, the part on the Opposite side, from B to C is augmented; the Navel or the middle of the Body always continuing in the same height. This diminution of Parts on the left side of the Figure, arises from its resting on the left Foot, which by this means becomes the Center of the whole Body: Hence it comes to pass that the middle Point, which is under the Throat between the two Clavicles, quits the Perpendicular in which it was found when the Body was Erect, and enters into another which passes through the left Leg, and terminates in the left Foot; and the farther this Line deviates from the middle of the Body, the further, likewise will the Horizontal Lines which traverse it, recede from Right Angles; still declining towards the left side, on which the Body rests.